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TestCraft excels in Testing-as-a-Service, delivering rapid business value for tight deadlines and complex needs. We offer custom managed services, a one-stop platform, and open-source utilities for comprehensive web, mobile, and API testing. Our expertise includes non-functional performance testing, enhancing user experiences, and facilitating high-quality product releases, meeting modern development and user expectations.


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Whether you’re an advanced shift-left testing team seeking to expand into business assurance or transitioning from ad hoc testing to a structured and automated approach, Testcraft is here to expedite and ease your journey.

Testcraft Platform

Your Platform, Your Rules

Testcraft’s celebrated test automation platform makes initiating tests as easy as hailing a cab. It seamlessly integrates with your current toolkit, incorporating ticketing systems, test case management tools, and enabling CI/CD pipelines effortlessly.


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TestCraft has created versatile open-source testing tools, prioritizing efficiency, reusability, and scalability. We propose a centralized repository to streamline accessibility, enhance consistency, and reduce redundancy. Customizable utilities, with modular design, allow adaptation to unique project requirements. Collaboration within and beyond the organization promotes utility improvement for diverse business applications.

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Unstoppable Results Powered by People and Technology

Testcraft embodies a practical philosophy in software testing, centered on delivering outstanding results. Our formidable engineering strength, enhanced by extensive AI technology expertise, is further complemented by a vast network of testing professionals and experts. This collaborative synergy empowers our clients to seamlessly leverage both technology and human insights, effectively addressing challenges on a broad scale and achieving exceptional outcomes.

Centralized Testing Utilities:

A Unified Approach for Enhanced Productivity

Testcraft has developed versatile open-source testing utilities, promoting efficiency for test engineers and SDETs across the industry with a focus on reusability and scalability in software development and testing.

To optimize utility usage, a centralized repository is proposed, ensuring easy accessibility for all projects within and beyond the organization. This centralized approach promotes consistency while reducing redundancy. The utilities are crafted for customization and configurability, allowing adaptation to unique project needs through specified parameters and options. Emphasizing a modular design, engineers can select relevant modules, enhancing seamless integration into diverse projects.

Collaboration is encouraged from the broader testing community, both within and outside the organization, aiming to elevate the utilities’ power and adaptability across varied business use cases.

QA Evolution:
Consistently Delivering Value

The Testcraft platform has received acclaim from numerous organizations as a leading test automation framework provider, transforming the QA approach for forward-thinking software teams.

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