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TestCraft excels in Testing-as-a-Service, delivering rapid business value for tight deadlines and complex needs. We offer custom managed services, a one-stop platform, and open-source utilities for comprehensive web, mobile, and API testing. Our expertise includes non-functional performance testing, enhancing user experiences, and facilitating high-quality product releases, meeting modern development and user expectations.

Digital Transformation

Digital Assurance ensures quality, security, and performance of both cloud-based and on-premises applications, validating their functionality, scalability, and reliability in their respective environments

Shift Left Testing

Shift Left prioritizes early and thorough testing to enhance software quality and meet customer expectations. Integrating testing in the early stages enables prompt issue detection and resolution, improving overall software quality and reliability. This approach also cultivates collaboration, agility, and efficiency among cross-functional teams, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products aligned with dynamic business demands.

Component Testing

Microservice testing provides thorough evaluation of individual microservices, verifying their proper functionality and adherence to requirements. Early defect identification, emphasizing endpoints, input-output validation, error handling, and more, accelerates development. Isolation and real-world simulations enhance reliability, debugging, and refactoring, ensuring a robust, high-quality software ecosystem.

Contract Testing

Contract Testing meticulously evaluates interactions and contracts between software components. We rigorously validate contracts like API responses and message formats, preventing integration errors and enhancing software reliability. This empowers seamless integration and collaboration, minimizing errors, streamlining development and deployment, and maintaining high quality and consistency.

AI-ML Reporting

AI & ML Test Automation Reporting utilizes advanced AI and ML technologies for in-depth test reporting. It analyzes data, identifies patterns, detects anomalies, and provides actionable insights, aiding informed decisions and improving test strategies. This fosters a better understanding of testing processes, ensuring swift, precise, high-quality software delivery with easy access to data across teams, platforms, and applications.

Digital Assurance

Digital Transformation involves shifting from on-premises to cloud infrastructure or monolithic to microservices architecture, embracing technological changes for enhanced agility, scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, and requiring thorough testing to ensure seamless transitions and optimal system performance.

Testing Centre of Excellence

Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) creates a centralized hub of testing expertise, methodologies, and tools. It standardizes practices, encourages collaboration, and ensures high-quality testing. Our TCoE offers specialized skills, best practices, and frameworks, streamlining testing, reducing redundancies, and enhancing efficiency. It leads to cost savings, faster time-to-market, and superior software quality, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing, enabling teams to deliver exceptional software with confidence and precision.

Test Automation

By harnessing cutting-edge technology for test automation, TestCraft simplifies testing, minimizes manual tasks, and bolsters efficiency. Employing a versatile automation framework, it expedites release cycles, enhances software quality, trims expenses, widens test coverage, and expedites time-to-market. This service facilitates smooth integration with development pipelines, ensuring the delivery of dependable, high-performing software to align with business goals.

Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional   Encompasses critical areas such as performance, security, and accessibility. We assess your software beyond functional requirements, verifying response time, stability, security, and accessibility standards. This comprehensive approach ensures a high-quality, standards-compliant product, offering confidence in both functionality and user experience.


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